Are you in need of HOPE?

  • Having a difficult time persevering through emotions like anger, anxiety, bitterness, depression, guilt or grief? 

  • Maybe you have given up hope for overcoming some stubborn addiction, financial challenge, eating issue or physical challenge.

God can cause all the trials of your life to accomplish a greater good in the end, if you seek Him and His answers. This is a clear hope repeatedly testified throughout scripture. We offer you this hope at Forest Baptist Church!

Are you in need of HELP?

We are trained to direct you in biblical and practical steps to find this hope and help.

At FBC, we offer several types of counseling services:

  • Consultation- brief biblical, practical encouragement and direction in personal or relational challenges.

  • Coaching- identify and establish foundational habits and routines in life and relationships that promote success and stability in specific areas of life and godliness.

  • Relational Counseling- inspire and instruct greater unity and spiritual influence in a relationship by applying relevant truths about Christ to problem areas.

  • Discipleship Coaching- come alongside a person in need of hope/ direction working with them to determine what the root issues are and how to mature and develop a plan of change through the help of Christ and His word.